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сотовых телефонов

О компании

Сертификат РСТ Медаль 2009 Диплом Бренд Удмуртии 2009
Медаль Диплом Бренд Удмуртии 2008 Диплом Репутация и доверие 2007
Медаль 07 Диплом Бренд Удмуртии 2007 Медаль Диплом Бренд Удмуртии 2006
Компания «GSM Сервис плюс» осуществляет качественный ремонт сотовых телефонов в Ижевске.
  • Pемонт iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia и др
  • Ремонт планшетов и КПК
  • Ремонт ноутбуков
  • Разблокировка, русификация, замена и восстановление программного обеспечения
  • Продажа новых и б/у сотовых телефонов
  • Продажа аксессуаров к сотовым телефонам
  • Подключение к операторам связи
  • Приём платежей

Работаем профессионально с 2004г.

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The battery analyzer. ACC-Tester

Russian version


We offer the device for diagnosis and charge Li-ion, Li-Pol battery with a rated voltage 3,6-3,7 V, used in cell phones and cameras. Battery Tester determines the battery capacity, and produces a "training" the battery, thereby partially or even completely restoring the capacity of the battery. Our device is designed for shops, salons that sell accessories for cellular phones, as well as service centers and repair shops for digital technology.

  • With the ACC-Tester you will be able to add new services to your clients: analysis and restore the battery. This will attract an additional stream of customers in your salon.

  • ACC-Tester easier to work with defective batteries. With our device, you can quickly detect capacity of the battery.

  • You can optionally check the batteries from different parties and from different suppliers, and on this basis to make decisions about their purchase!

  • ACC-Tester is indispensable in the shop to repair digital equipment. It will simplify the repair of phones to malfunction, "Fast discharge the battery," "switched off during a call," etc.

  • ACC-Tester is cheaper and more compact than their analog devices.

  • ACC-Tester has a convenient device to connect the battery. No need to buy additional blocks for each type of battery.

  • On the ACC--TESTER we give 1 year warranty.

  • Advantages of the ACC--TESTER


    You don't need to spend huge money on the expensive battery analyzer, the purchase of our battery tester you will save a large amount of money.


    It is easy to compare the quality of similar batteries (eg BL5-C) from different manufacturers.


    [Very simply]The baby will be happy to use the battery tester, because the instrument only 2 buttons.


    [Very small] Battery tester is very compact and does not take up much space. You will be able to use precious space of workplace.


    Battery Tester is reliable and easy to use.


    Here is a video about how it works (in russian)

    Battery model. Capacity claimed by the manufacturer.

    Indications of the our

    Indications of the Cadex C7400
    Indications of the ADS Batnalyzer
    Nokia BP-6M/1100mAh (original)

    1070 mAh

    90% (990mAh). Internal resistance 144mOm
    1011mAh. Internal resistance 381mOm
    LG G5600/700mAh (China)


    63% (441mAh).Internal resistance 103mOm. Error 116.
    267 mAh. Internal resistance 381mOm
    Type of test battery - Li-Ion, Li-Pol
    Rated voltage test battery - 3.6V
    ACC-Tester voltage -12V (0,4A)
    The maximum recorded capacity - 9999 mAh
    Net Weight - 0.2kg (excluding power supply)
    Size - 120х80х40mm

    ACC-Tester - 1pc .
    ACC conn. device - 1pc.
    Power supply - 12V.
    Manual with warranty card - 1pc. Download

    Price 90$

    Buy at Ebay

    For purchase please contact us via e-mail or icq 179838679

    Наши новости

      21 Ноября 2010г.

      Наша компания выпустила на рынок новый прибор для тестирования аккумуляторов сотовых телефонов

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